Tuesday, April 07, 2020

19 Lines: A Poem From Inside Angola

19 Lines
by Melvin Hassan Thornton

I inhale and I exhale
deep breaths of life,
each one refreshing the lungs.
Much work to be done; much life to live.
Still so much more to give. This is not the end.

Step on the scene, face to face with COVID-19;
staring in its heartless eyes, I stand firm.
Unflinching, unyielding, unafraid but angry.
I breathe deep, fighting on the ropes –
a bit overwhelmed but resilient. I don't fold.

Cowardly, Officious, Vicious, Insidious and Deadly 19,
you shall be defeated. We don't retreat.
We step up to the challenge.
Kill if you will but you have more to fight.
Those who survive will shine their lights.

I inhale then I exhale.
I take in the good and exhale the bad.
And therefore, Mr. Virus, I'm doing fine.
Sincerely yours, these 19 lines.

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