Monday, June 30, 2008

Stuff White People Do

My ego is apparently supposed to be taking a beating this week. Nothing heavy, you understand. But when you were raised to have no self esteem and no sense of your own self worth, the ole ego grows like a weed in that garden.

Fortunately, I have reached a point in my development where my self esteem and sense of self worth are blooming along with my new alamanda vine, so my ego can stand the deflation (though I still feel the pinch and embarrassingly so).

Anyway, I'm probably the last one on the band wagon, having been in cognito, as it were, for the past few months. The blogosphere will fill a vacuum in a minute, I know. But last night, thanks to a comment by Professor Zero, I discovered a new blog called Stuff White People Do. The author is smart, right on the target, introspective and clever. He reads all the same books as I do, watches all the same movies, and shares many of the same opinions. And he's written almost as much in the past ninety days as I wrote all last year.

I was tired when I reached SWPD last night and after about an hour on the site, I decided that I'm no longer necessary to the blogosphere, after all (see what I'm saying about the self esteem and self worth?). Then, I remembered what I had learned the night before (see this post), so I shook off the feeling and just celebrated the blog.

There are a number of wonderful bloggers on my blog roll to the right. If I didn't think my Faithful Readers would get something special from each and every one of the them, they wouldn't be there. But if you haven't read Macon D. over at Stuff White People Do yet, then let me send you on over there post haste.

Just recognize that you're probably gonna be there for a while.

And don't forget about me, okay? ;^)
The YouTube clip featured above is of Tim Wise talking about the origin of White privilege just like I do -- only better. I first saw it at Stuff White People Do. Of course.


macon d said...

Thank you, and as I said at my blog, I'm honored! I like your blog too, and I see that it has some features that I might, er, emulate.

changeseeker said...

I didn't "create" any of it. I skanked it all from somewhere else, so have at it, Macon. And welcome to my house. I can see from your blog that you're plenty busy already, but you're welcome over here any time.

Professor Zero said...

And ... the blogs aren't the same (and if they were, it would be an *interesting sign*, not a *problem*)
... !

Anonymous said...

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changeseeker said...

Thanks for the reassurance, PZ. :^) I do know what you're saying. It's very exciting in many ways that more and more good anti-racist stuff is appearing. I really need to get over that always-judging-myself-negatively thing.

Anonymous: You seem to have a lot to say. However, I'm not entirely sure what you're responding to.