Sunday, December 10, 2006

Any Questions?

"If we believe in the rebirth of our civilization...then clearly this renaissance must begin in the chambers of our own hearts...We cannot wait for society to change, or for our institutions to be renewed. We, as individuals, must assume responsibility for our own personal transformation."

~Georg Feuerstein


Anonymous said...


Katie G.

Anonymous said...

true. it is just too bad that it all takes so long.

Anonymous said...


Here is a link to Faulkner's Nobel Prize speech. I found the last paragraph to be especially poignant, and it first reminded me of you.

Keep on keepin' on, we all need you.

I hope you have a WONDERFUL holiday/vacation/new year. :)

changeseeker said...

Glad you're following, Katie.

There's no beginning, Betmo, and no end. We evolve one way or the other. In the moment. And you appear to me to be coming right along. :^)

Thanks for your kind words, nomorewilding. If Faulkner's words about poets reminded you of me, I'm duly gratified. Indeed. And I did have a WONDERFUL time in New York. Wotta city!!