Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Angola 3 Again...Still

At one point or another, I've written a fair amount about the Angola 3, a trio of Black Panthers whose forty-year torment at the hands of administrators at the Louisiana State Penitentiary at Angola (a former? slave plantation and, not surprisingly, one of the most infamous prisons in U.S. history) has become legendary. The saga goes on.

Today, I'm inviting you to visit Angola, if you will, with Dr. Nancy Heitzeg, a professor of sociology and Co-Director of the Critical Studies of Race and Ethnicity program at St. Catharine University in St. Paul, Minnesota. Hans Bennett's interview with Heitzeg about her visit is painful to read, but so well done, I'm sure you'll want to follow it up with Part 2.

Some very savvy educators in the A3 camp have developed an entire curriculum that can be used to explore not only this particular case, but its broader context in the world of "punishment."

And finally, an important new website called Solitary Watch adds its analysis.

In the meantime, Herman Wallace's appeal was denied, sending him into the Federal court system for possible redress. And Albert Woodfox waits YET for the appellate court to rule on his case more than a YEAR after the hearing last March.

Still, supporters continue to plan and push. "In the Land of the Free", the latest movie on the three political prisoners opened in Europe this spring and will begin appearing at increasing venues in the U.S. in coming months. Get in the loop, if you aren't already. When Herman and Albert are released, you'll want to know you did something to help make that happen.


@rijino1 said...

would love to visit Angola with you the next time you go...

Changeseeker said...

Actually, @rijino1, the only way I know to visit Angolo other than a tour (ugh!) or a personal visit to a prisoner (for which you have to be on the prisoner's visiting list -- a looooong process for the man I've been trying to visit) is the Craft Fair and Rodeo. I boycott the rodeo as exploitative and dangerous for untrained gladiators...er...prisoners. But I do try to go to the Craft Fair from time to time. It only happens twice a year. I'm going next week-end with my new significant other (who used to live there himself), but it's kind of a "coming out" for us, so we want to go alone. Next time we go, though, you're included.