Friday, June 22, 2007

Passin' It On

One of the truly wonderful things about spending serious time visiting my neighbors in the blogospshere is coming across extraordinary posts by writers to which I may or may not have been exposed before. I've been surfing and reading a lot this week and here is a partial list of some posts I just must share:

1. The Free Slave asks some strong questions about racial identity, while Macha at Double Consciousness mirrors The Free Slave's thoughts with some deeeeep introspection.

2. dnA at Too Sense presents some very interesting information about how famous religious leaders helped to lay the groundwork for physical (as well as mental) slavery here.

3. Charles Modiano, whose recently launched blog, Kill Bigotry!, promises some well-researched and interesting considerations, outlines how we can save hip hop music. Even if you're short on time today, his list of links to twenty superb hip hop videos without gyrating, half-naked women is more than worth the trip! See this one about life on the reservation for an example.

4. And finally, Carlos Castillo at ChaTo addresses some of the overarching issues related to immigration internationally, declaring "We Are Not Criminals".

5. The illustration above is from the Northland Poster Collective. They have a WIDE selection of some of the strongest and most beautiful peace, justice, and union materials out there -- a number of them by the highly talented and original Ricardo Levins Morales -- and the latest word is that they are struggling financially. Check them out and if you can buy something or make a donation, now's the time.


Peacechick Mary said...

Fight Ignorance Not Immigrants. I think I'll get a coffee cup. I also like the Caution, Educated Union Member. Now, I'm off to Too Sense, that sounds good.

Clean Our House! said...

Thanks for connecting our dots together! Strength in numbers! Loved the Too Sense column on religion and the immigration column confirm my already heightened sense of fright. We already have had a 40% rise in hate groups since 2000 which is primarily fueled by immigration hate... we really seem to be moving backwards... quite scary...

Changeseeker said...

Mary: Glad to see you're enjoying yourself. Oh, yeah, and pass the sugar, will ya?

House: Welcome! It's my pleasure! As far as our "progress" is concerned, I don't think we're going backward so much as just sitting right where we've been all along. Like painting the walls while ignoring the termites, if you catch my drift.