Friday, June 29, 2007

The Color of Change

"We, the undersigned, vow to step up in the aftermath of Katrina, to ensure that no one is left behind again.

We commit to doing our part to ensure that all people are regarded as full humans, not as second-class citizens, and that our government is responsive to their needs. We commit to helping those who have been continually ignored gain a powerful political voice.

We will insist that those who have been pushed to the margins become a priority in this country, and that the federal government take responsibility for people in crisis. We will hold the government, and ourselves, accountable.

Together, we will be a powerful force for change."

This is the pledge people are being offered the opportunity to sign at Color of Change. Julian Bond and Michael Eric Dyson are down. I'm down. What about you?
As ridiculous as it may sound, the photo I was originally using for this post keeps vaporizing. Sigh. It's called "Fourth World" and you can see it here.


Peacechick Mary said...

Put me in there, too. If we don't all stand together, we will be washed away with this administration.

Rethabile said...

You asked me a question on Blacklooks, here's the answer: answer. Cheers

Changeseeker said...

I've come to count on you, Mary -- your consistency, your clarity of vision, your commitment. It's a very good thing to be known for characteristics like these. I'd stand beside you anywhere.

Rethabile: Thanks for the update. I read it and left a response on your blog. I greatly appreciate our connection.

Anonymous said...

Yes, change, I'm in too! And more specifically, I will be down in new orleans later on this month. I was there in March, and it is pretty sad how slow the progress is. In any case I saw this brand new documentary last month which i highly recommend. here are some snippets:

Changeseeker said...

For some reason, the dot html didn't appear at the end of your link, Charles. The actual link is here.

Thanks for this. Not having television, I didn't know about it. I'm going to view all these clips later today because it looks as if I may be developing a personal interest in the region.

M.Dot. said...


Seeing the white dude, with the sign.

Tears popped out.

Now Im pretty greasy, shrewed and cunning.

BUT him. With that sign.

I guess it reminds me of the up hill battles I have been having with people who would prefer that I shrivel up and walk away.

Changeseeker said... I don't know what it is today, but I read the Counterpunch story about the Jena 6 this morning and totally lost my cool over it. Twice. Once then and once later. Snot and tears everywhere. I mean, it all gets wearing from time to time.

Drop on by anytime. We can do that if we want to. And you ain't ever gotta shrivel up and walk away from anything or anybody over here, I promise you.

BTW, I tripped around over at your blog and then added you to my blogroll, but for some reason what should be the link is kicking up a problem. Maybe it's just a computer glitch. I'll keep checking it. In the meantime, welcome!