Saturday, June 02, 2007

Aunt Jemima or The Souls of Black Folks Revisited

There's a new listing on my blog roll: Beautiful, also, are the souls of my Black sisters, which I've listed as Black Sisters Souls. Ann, who writes this blog, did an incredible job of outlining the history and relevance of the development of Aunt Jemima, of pancake flour fame.

If you can read what Ann has to say and then not sign her petition to lay Aunt Jemima to rest (finally), you need to re-read it. This is not about warm, syrupy breakfasts. But I'll let Ann make the argument. (And much thanks to Rachel for tipping us to this.)

By the way, if you can, locate and watch "Ethnic Notions", an hour-long video on how Aunt Jemima and other images of African-American people were developed for the express purpose of stereotyping them so that they could be exploited. It's depressing, but excellent and underscores even more broadly Ann's points about Aunt Jemima specifically. Larger libraries would probably have a copy or might be willing to get it, if you suggest that they do.

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