Friday, June 24, 2011

The Tedeschi Trucks Band: Revelator

As most of you are aware, I've been recuperating from surgery the past ten days or so and my body is confused. Sometimes, I can't keep my eyes open and sometimes, I'm all the way awake at midnight. Even my emotions are all over the place. You can imagine the havoc this plays with the likelihood of my blogging.

But right in the middle of it all, last night, I decided to watch the film made at Eric Clapton's 2010 Crossroads Guitar Festival in Chicago. This kind of show is a perfect example of why I support Public Television. A kick-ass concert and no commercials. Yes, indeed.
Anyway, I'm piled up in bed watching fine musicians enjoying themselves and each other when the Tedeschi Trucks Band took the stage and blew what was left of my mind.

I remember getting turned onto Susan Tedeschi in Ft. Lauderdale when she was a rising blues star in the nineties. But as I said in my post on Clarence Clemons, I was never much of a rocker, so I didn't know her grammy-winning guitarist husband Derek Trucks (of Allman Brothers fame) from Adam.

Apparently, they each had a band and mostly worked separately until last year when they announced hiateses across the board, holed up at their home recording studio in Jacksonville, Florida, and produced "Revelator", an album that's now ranked on at #1 for blues, #2 for rock and #3 for all music. Yeah.

This is one you don't want to miss. I got up this morning, bought the album, and am already eyeing the mailbox with anxious anticipation while I listen to the them on YouTube over and over and over.

I was only going to post "Midnight in Harlem" here, but I just couldn't bear to leave out "Coming Home" (featuring Warren Haynes), especially since Oteil Burbridge's bassline on that one wound me up so tight, I burst into tears.

One more time, shall we...? I may be walking wounded at this point, but with music like this to keep me company, life is good!


Anonymous said...

So, are you doing OK? You do seem lively via blog at least; this is good!

Sorrow said...

I went and saw Susan On crutches once..
so I know how healing her voice, her sound can be. She does Angel from Montgomery and I just weep...
Hope you are mending and taking good care..

Donovan said...

Great music. See the best and brightest in a new place. Digitized perspectives from black webisodes. Check it out!! Great black webisodes, twenty every week for the next twelve weeks.

Professor Zero said...

Hoping all is well.