Friday, October 10, 2008

What Kind Of Amazing Grace?

This is the new one by Ian Rhett, the guy who wrote and performed "(Didn't Know I Was) UnAmerican" a few years ago. Great talent. Pass it on.


Willie said...

Wow, quite an aesthetic and technical achievement. That contrast between the cost of ending world hunger and the Iraq War (so far) is sickening. The profits aren't as big in ending world hunger, nor in ending other kinds of misery. Greed is a blinding illness.

Changeseeker said...

"Greed is a blinding illness."

Indeed it is, Willie. Indeed it is.

Viking Funeral said...

Wow, you really hate white people don't you? Seems you are overflowing with compassion for every race except the caucasian race. Why is that?

Here are two other questions to ponder...have you ever thought about studying or writing about who or whom ever decided that we (white people) are responsible for solving all the worlds' problems and ending all of the worlds' suffering?

Wait, I know, you belong to the school of thought which believes that since whites have greater success than every other race then we must be guilty of robbing someone else of their "chance" which means we are by default responsible for everything bad that happens to every other non-white person on the planet - but especially blacks!! Right?

Secondly, how much volunteer work do you do in your own back yard in your majority white neighborhood which is where all hypocritical liberals like yourself live? I'm guessing none.

And lastly, if you would really like to post a "scary" picture how about replacing the vintage KKK photo with some bloody photos of the thousands of black/brown-on-white crimes committed in the US annually?

What's that, oh you can't because you will never find any info about that as it is supressed and ignored by your fellow self-loathing pals in the media.

I call em as I see em too. Truth = Racism and it's only gonna get worse. Congratulations! VKF

Changeseeker said...

Gee, Viking, why don't you tell us how you REALLY feel?

The fact is I don't hate or love any "race." The socially-constructed, political notion of "race" was developed by people just like you to rob and oppress all other groups of people. Not all people who look like us have kept this mentality, but you, obviously, have.

You are so ill-informed that you don't even realize that ALL groups have made huge contributions to our present world civilizations. In fact, many of the contributions so-called "White" people made were actually stolen from people of color in the first place. The libraries of Songhay (in Africa) had millions of volumes when most of Europe was still peeping out of hovels, illiterate. Many of the ideas we credit to ancient Greece were, in fact, appropriated from Alexandria (in Africa). The one thing people that look like you and I DO seem to excel in is brutality, which is the way we took over and have maintained our control over the last five hundred years or so. (You should remember, Viking, that Turks -- people of color from Africa -- overran and held most of Europe for seven hundred years before Europe did its thing.)

I'm sure you "call 'em as you see 'em," but you see them through a mind crippled by ignorance and steeped in White Supremacy. Racism only gets worse in people who are in and of themselves so painfully convinced of their own inadequacy that they have to crush somebody else to feel like a person. More's the pity.