Friday, October 03, 2008

Two White Men Hugging

Some folks think I never have anything good to say about White people (despite the way I look and the fact that I like myself and others like me just fine, thank you). So here's a photo of two White men hugging. Now, that's positive, right?



Macon D said...

Ugh, not THOSE two men! No, that's not positive, not at all. But a point that photo's fame makes actually is positive, after all, that point being the one that Biden repeatedly made last night ("a vote for McCain is a vote for more Bush," etc.) and that Palin repeatedly denied ("but he's so mavericky!" etc.).

Changeseeker said...

"Mavericky," huh? Well, I guess that's one way to put it...

*shakes head*

Certainly doesn't look very "mavericky" in this photo, does he, Macon?

macon d said...

Nope, he shore don't!

Did you notice that Tina Fey used "mavericky" in her parody last night? She must read your blog!

Hyuck hyuck. (I'm practicing my folksy-isms for when McCain gets elected and then dies.)

Changeseeker said...

Why is it, I wonder, that I can't help but think that if McCain/Palin are elected and he dies, she will instantly morph into something bizarre like out of a horror movie -- a kind of "President Strangelove" complete with hand-rubbing and a mad chuckle ("I've got you NOW, my pretties!")? Is it just me or could there be more to this "candidate" than meets the eye?