Sunday, September 16, 2007

No, We're Not There Yet

Mychal Bell's case has been sent to juvenile court (where it belonged from the outset) by the Louisiana State Court of Appeals. But The Thin Black Duke over at Slant Truth is reminding us that we must stay tuned in to the rest of the game so we don't miss any late-breaking surprises. The way things too often work in a system as riddled with institutionalized oppression as ours is that just when you think it's over, it turns out not to be.

There are six young men still swimming in a sewer and it's up to all of us to make sure every one of them gets to walk away and resume his life with dignity. White boys from the same region who put a White victim in the hospital for two weeks with swelling and bleeding of the brain were only charged with simple battery (not even a felony). The Jena Six's victim spent three hours in the emergency room and went home. Mychal Bell has already been locked up for more than nine months in an adult jail. We can celebrate, yes. But we need to remember what put him there in the first place and keep the spot lights on.

The cartoon featured in this post is by the famous African-American cartoonist, Brumsic Brandon.


Julian's blog said...

Hi there!
My heart goes out to you...
Looks like a tough situation.

Changeseeker said...

I'm not sure why your heart is going out to me, Julian. But Mychal Bell's situation is, indeed, tough, especially since he's so young. Thanks for dropping by.