Monday, April 11, 2016

More Police On Policing

The last couple of posts have featured former police officers who have come forward as individuals to describe policing practices and policies that are immoral, illegal, and destructive to community life for Black Americans. Today, I'm adding a short video presenting a story about a dozen current NYPD officers of color who are actually suing the NYPD for demanding that officers harass and arrest citizens in minority communities to meet arrest quotas.

Whether quotas are about politics or about money (or both), they are certainly part of the process to rationalize and justify White Supremacy as a cultural norm. I'm assuming that these brave men and women cannot legally be fired while they are suing, but they're unquestionably under incredible duress for doing so and literally putting their lives on the line to fight this battle. This step on their parts creates a visible alliance between the community and the police and is a necessary (and important) connection on the road to social change.


veganelder said...

Good for them.

At the same you note...there's no way of comprehending how much distress their choosing to take this action is creating for them.

Often the incredible difficulty associated with speaking out about or acting against injustice is ignored and/or overlooked. Thank you for making mention of this in your post. Resisting oppression invariably involves sacrifice of some measure. These officers are putting a great deal on the line. That's heroic and admirable.

Resisting oppressive power is never easy or without cost...which is exactly the reverse of how it should be. That makes me wonder who designed this society anyway? I would like to speak to them about their thinking.

changeseeker said...

You ARE speaking to them about their thinking, Veganelder, whether they hear you or not. ;^)