Monday, August 18, 2014

John Oliver on the Nazi-fication of the Police in the United States

I am so furious and horrified about what is happening in Ferguson, Missouri, that I can no longer bear to follow the news. But John Oliver got me to watch this 15-minute clip by reminding me that one can tell the truth, make the power visible, and speak the truth to that power, all while making those in power look just as insane as they really are.


Brotha Wolf said...

I saw that last week. I admit that it's humorous, but it was a harsh and true indictment to the act and subsequent actions surrounding the saga in Ferguson.

Changeseeker said...

That was my bead on it exactly, Brotha Wolf. At first, I asked myself, is it all right to laugh at this? And then I watched it again and decided that Oliver used his platform, format, and style to say what needed to be said and say it well.