Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Quotes To Live By


Brotha Wolf said...

An excellent quote indeed.

Changeseeker said...

I've been moving from one apartment to another for the past few weeks, downsizing by half. This has required a monumental process of going through things, casting off much, and packing the rest. I'm finally in the stage of putting the art on the walls in the new place and my bone-weary body is only slightly more exhausted than my soul. Transition is a trip, whether it's personal or social. I'm so glad you're on this adventure with me, Brotha Wolf. Much love.

Hasib said...

Hi admin,
your post "Quotes To Live By" is very special for us.I think quotes to live by are very special for everyday life. I have collected many quotes from you, and I will come back soon. It's encourage to work everyday life.So thanks a lot for doing this job