Saturday, January 11, 2014

A Note to My Faithful Readers

As I prepare to enter my ninth year of blogging in this space, I decided to do an inventory of the site and discovered that half of the listings on my blog roll (to the right) were defunct or had not been posted on for quite a while. (Sorry about that.)

This prompted me to check on the list of permanent features I call "Some Basics" (also to the right) and (no surprise) I learned that some of them had disappeared, as well. Phooey.

So. I deleted the blog links that either didn't connect to a blog or connected to one that hadn't had a post in more than six months. And I deleted the "basics" links that went nowhere.

Then I added a bunch of cool new links to the blog roll after coming across them one way or the other (often on other bloggers' blog lists). A number of the new links are to blogs written by and addressing issues important to women of color and, therefore, important to women (and the human race), in general. Also represented among the new links are blogs I used to list but which changed to a different url and some blogs new to me that emanate from Africa.

I encourage you to scan down the new Blog Roll and take a look at what's there. I also welcome suggestions for other blogs you think I (and my Faithful Readers) should know about. After all, I am, whatever you may think, your humble servant.

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