Friday, January 13, 2012

The MisAdventures of Awkward Black Girl

This is not clever, ingenius, intelligent, funny and entertaining because it's about being Black. It's not. It's clever, ingenius, intelligent, funny, and entertaining, all right. But it's about being human and it just happens to be done by a Black woman. A very clever, ingenius, intelligent, funny and entertaining Black woman. For real. With more available at Awkward Black Woman. Enjoy. And remember you first saw it here. (You're gonna love me for this.)


Anonymous said...

ABG was pretty good.

Then this happened:

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Maggie said...

I just came across your post about Clay County, KY. My Dad was born in Goose Creek, Wayne White. I wonder if we're related?? I have a lot of similar interests and have always been weird in that way, considering my roots. Get in touch!

Brotha Wolf said...

This is a good series. The creator and actors have talent.

Changeseeker said...

@ heavyarmor: I found your comment very interesting as I also teach courses in Gender and Sexuality. Reading through the thread at the link you offered raised a lot of important considerations, but I'm also reminded of criticisms of Dave Chapelle's early work (which made a lot of people uncomfortable, including me) even while folks were calling him a genius. I haven't had time to watch all the episodes and want to watch them in order, but I will be paying special attention to this. Thanks again for the information.

@ Maggie: According to the Internet, "White" (which was my mother's last name, not mine) is the 14th most common last name in America. Even in Clay County (which I haven't seen since the very early 1970's), multiple threads -- crossed and double-crossed -- would make it almost impossible to know exactly who's related to whom and how. We probably are distantly related in some way, though your father's name isn't familiar to me. But my family doesn't communicate much, especially since I wrote this manuscript. :^)

@ my Brotha: No doubt.