Thursday, September 22, 2011

Rest in Peace, Troy Anthony Davis

The United States has shamed itself once again. I am sad beyond words. My heart goes out to his family and to all who suffer in the belly of the beast -- guilty or innocent. We will never stop fighting for you.

This is how we do it in New Orleans.


Sorrow said...

it broke my heart..
I had hope when the supreme court postponed it..
is it getting worse? or is it just me?

Brotha Wolf said...

I was thinking the same thing, Sorrow. I'm still trying to straighten my mind about this whole ordeal.

Changeseeker said...

I've been so depressed ever since I found out yesterday morning, I could hardly get through my day. And every time I talked about it, I got angry. I thought maybe I'd feel better this morning, but I don't. I have tons to do and such a deep-seated feeling of sadness and powerless, I just want to sit and stare. Some folks want to make Davis a martyr for the movement for social change. What do you think?

Brotha Wolf said...

To Changeseeker,

I don't know honestly. There have been numerous prisoners who were killed by the death penalty. Some of them were not as heinous as the media presented them to be. Some of them were psychotic. There were those who were genuinely kind people who tried to change things. Some were guilty, but other were not.

However, all were human beings.

We can't say we live in a civilized society if we are still using the death penalty. Reason being is that the law was supposed to prevent violence and killing. America's legal system is truly failing in those departments. If it's wrong for an average citizen to take another person's life, why it's it wrong to apply that same ethic to the state and federal legal system?

Anonymous said...

Are you going to Angola any time soon? Meet me in St. Francisville / Baton Rouge.

Anonymous said...

P.S. Check out TX execution reports. 2 just this month.

Yes it's worse, and most people favor that. You have to not get too sentimental about each one because then you won't have the strength to work on the next case.

Changeseeker said...

They're not all the same, though, Z. But I do know what you're saying. Still, feelings are feelings. I'll email about Angola.

Changeseeker said...

BroWolf: I hear you. I mainly meant do you think we should turn Troy Davis into a martyr for the movement (a symbol of what's wrong and why we need to fight). A martyr can emotionally energize a movement if the timing is right.

Temple said...

An eye for an eye isn't as poetic in action as it sounds.

The execution of Troy Davis was sad & surreal at the same time. Some of us want so badly to believe better of our country (myself included).

On the other hand, there have been many executed human beings who could/should be the faces of any movement to end this evil in the name of justice.