Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Dr. James Cone on Christianity and White Supremacy

Please allow me to introduce to any of you who are unaware of this brilliant man Dr. James Hal Cone, the Charles Augustus Briggs Distinguished Professor of Systematic Theology at Union Theological Seminary in New York City. Whether or not you identify yourself as a Christian, whether or not you believe in a Supreme Being, and whether or not you would normally even care about or listen to a presentation on this topic, I strongly urge you to spend the twenty minutes necessary to hear what this man has to say. I guarantee he will expose you to some ideas you will not hear anywhere else, ideas which I for one think are important to any dialogue on power and justice related to the socially-constructed, political notion of "race" in America.


Anonymous said...

Dr. James Cone fights against every white man ideal. However, race is a concept created by the white man, so why is it being reinforced by the blacks? Checkmate brother.

Changeseeker said...

Why do you frame your comment as a competitive challenge to this brilliant man's work, Anonymous? The socially-constructed, political notion of "race" is still relevant to us all because it is still being used to oppress. A similar situation is seen when nations with socialistic economic systems have to deal with the world capitalist market, where all the power currently lies. To pretend we can exist outside the human race as it is currently functioning is to suggest that we can win the war without acknowledging that it's going on. Come on, now.