Friday, June 25, 2010

The Long Haul

I'm in something of a funk today. Albert Woodfox still suffers. The little pregnant cat I've been feeding has mysteriously disappeared for more than a week and one of the neighbors said he saw her body on a street somewhere. My knee is aching 24/7 now (despite the glucosamine I take), so I'm walking instead of running for exercise -- reminding me that I'm getting older by the minute. And my to-do list will last a couple of lifetimes, at least.

Still...this little effort of a blog crossed the line of 100,000 hits this week. Admittedly, it took four and one-half years to do it and there are thousands of blogs (at least), I'm sure, that reach more readers than that every day.

But my voice, nonetheless, my tiny candle, flickers yet in the darkness of this present era. And for that, I am grateful for waking up to yet another day.


Social Offspring said...

You may be just walking, but you're getting to your destination nonetheless. Also, your "tiny candle" is more of a lighthouse to others. :)

Changeseeker said...

And folks like you make it possible for me to keep going, Offspring. You make my heart sing.