Monday, July 27, 2009

Fight Human Rights Violations Today

Over the last year or so, I've nearly always posted something on human rights on the 27th of each month. Today, it's going to be short and to the point. We have two human rights related opportunities to act on today.

The first involves Leonard Peltier, the Native American who was sent to prison in 1977 for the killing of two FBI agents even the government now admits he didn't kill. He comes before the parole board tomorrow, so gear it up, readers! Watch this, if you have time. But regardless, visit this site, and then call, fax and email your congressional representatives, the warden, whatever today. Let's bring him out of there and return him to his family and friends that have sustained him during his ordeal.

The second action we're being called to take is in support of Francisco Torres, the remaining member of the San Francisco 8 who still has charges that have not been dropped. The case involves a group of former Black Panthers who were framed for the killing of a police officer back in the 1970's after several of them were tortured mercilessly by the police in New Orleans (why am I not surprised?). All of the accused have either had their charges dropped or pled no contest to greatly reduced charges, so for them, the nightmare is -- for the third and hopefully final time -- over. Torres, however, needs our help and the plan is to read up on the case and then call (916-322-3360, ext. 7) and fax (916-323-5341) California Attorney General Jerry Brown today.

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