Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Goodbye, Columbus?

I'm back from New York City now and will be posting my usual human rights piece later today since this is the 27th. But in the meantime, I just had to upload the photo above. It's me (of course) in Central it the statue commemorating that brutally violent Euro-centric slaver and child rapist Columbus for "discovering" the Western Hemisphere. Hee hee.

The photo credit for this one goes to my daughter's significant other (the socialist) who had no problem with it. My daughter, on the other hand, loooooong since tired of Mommy's outrageous public behavior, slipped away to a bench while the festivities were occurring.


macon d said...

Heh heh. That's awesome! Now to figure out a way to dislodge and remove that monstrosity (both the statue and all that it represents).

Changeseeker said...

Funny you should say that, Macon. That was EXACTLY what I talked about before it occurred to me that Central Park has a lot of people in it who might be (shhhh!)