Sunday, March 15, 2009

What It's Like To Be Me

I haven't blogged for two weeks now. Like I'm telling you something you don't already know. But I still call myself a "blogger." Or at least I say, "I've been blogging on race for more than three years..." whatever that's supposed to mean.

And I don't have the juice tonight to write anything that requires thought of any kind. But it occurs to me that there are reasons for this. And even if I'm not holding up my end of our bargain right now, the least I can do is tell you why.

In the last three days, I read eight articles for a sexuality course I'm teaching; watched three videos on the sexual trafficking of minors to choose the right one for a Social Problems course; did considerable work on an Introductory Sociology reader that has to be finished by Friday, if at all possible; finished a Powerpoint presentation on in-your-face women I'm expected to offer in the Student Union theater on Wednesday; tried to generate some financial support for my friend who works with street kids in Haiti; and met separately for an hour each with a Latina woman, an African-American woman and an African-American man -- all students, all struggling not to drop the ball, despite monumental difficulties in their lives. AND I just wrote Black Panther Albert "Cinque" Woodfox a letter about the birthday party we had for him on the 19th of last month -- complete with birthday cake and a showing of a movie about why he's been in solitary confinement for thirty-six years for a crime he didn't commit.

In addition, of course, I had to show my fifty-pound dog some love because, believe me, he has serious mechanisms for impressing me with the wisdom of that practice, just in case I don't ante up. And in between, I cooked and did laundry and jog/walked whenever the rain let up enough and meditated in the woods on how even an ant has a role in the scheme of things on Planet Earth. From each according to its ability, to each according to its need...

Without all of us, we go down.
The poster featured above is available from the Syracuse Cultural Workers Collective.


Macon D said...

Wow, it sounds like you had PLENTY of better things to do, more important things to do, than blogging. I hope you don't feel guilty about being away from here. It's nice to read your "check-in," and to know that you're still fighting power and speaking truth to it, in ways that fit you and your life. I for one will patiently await your next efforts here; writing about those students you helped, and what you said to them, would make for something I'd like to read.

No pressure though!


Changeseeker said...

You're the BEST, Macon. Thank you. Three times. One, for not going away. Two, for the encouragement. And three, for the idea about what to blog on. Though, God knows, I have TONS of stuff I want to write about, but only a finite amount of creative energy. I burn it all up talking with students, etc. And then wind up without enough to do this. And most of what I'm doing right now is deadline-driven. Still, you've reminded me that all the stuff I'm busy doing and thinking about will eventually wind up in this space because everything I do is ultimately my process to work for change. Including blogging.

You hang in there, too, my brother. You're the one I'd be if I could. ;^)

Sorrow said...

So good to read your words, and to know that you are still out there
seeking change.
making change.
Be good to yourself

Changeseeker said...

Thank you, Sorrow. I love to feel the love. You take care of yourself, too.

Anonymous said...

Dear lord...

I keep thinking that finishing my dissertation and getting by PhD will be an "ending" of sorts. It makes me want to cry when I think about how it is only the beginning.

Love your blog btw. Just stumbled across it and will be putting it on my blogroll. :)

Changeseeker said...

Thank you for the kind words and the add to the blog roll, Elian. And yes, it's only the beginning, but what a great beginning, my friend. Come on in. The water's fine! ;^)