Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Albert Woodfox Is STILL Locked Down

Well, Faithful Readers, it's the 27th again and time to post on human rights. This month, I'm being reminded that the saga of Alfred Woodfox and the Angola 3 continues. Sigh.

Despite the fact that Woodfox' conviction was finally overturned last July (after more than thirty years in solitary confinement for a crime he didn't commit), the State of Louisiana is appealing (why am I not surprised?). Further, while he waits for his new trial, Woodfox (get this now) remains in solitary confinement...?!? There is a Facebook site and those folks are calling for supporters to spread the word about Woodfox and keep the pressure on about Wallace.

It's Albert Woodfox' birthday February 19th. I'mahna buy a t-shirt that says "I'm Albert Woodfox" to wear and send Woodfox a photo of myself wearing it. How about you?

Albert Woodfox
CCR, Lower A-13
Louisiana State Penitentiary
Angola, LA 70712 *

Herman Wallace
Elaine Hunt Correctional Center
Unit 5, E-Tier
PO Box 174
St Gabriel, LA 70776 *
SAME DAY UPDATE: After I suggested this afternoon to the student organization I advise that we could have a birthday party for Albert Woodfox, one of the students sent me a link to this article posted today at the online version of Monthly Review. It's about Albert Woodfox and his co-defendants and the systematic practice of torture at Angola Penitentiary. My God. How do any of us sleep?
* These addresses have been updated, though they were different when this post was originally written.

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