Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Fats, Ray and Jerry Lee to the Rescue

It's been a hard semester and as I head for the finish line on Friday, I'm feeling like a marathon runner at the end of a race. It ain't easy.

And already, looking beyond, I'm thinking about how to cut the paper I wrote on bloggers and get it submitted for possible publication, preparing to do some research on how Africans and African-Americans feel about each other, fittin' to (as we say) do some work on my "In-Your-Face Women" manuscript, projecting all the way to next summer when I may work with a Latino advocacy agency in Texas, and knowing that I still have to find time to set up the course on sexuality I'll be teaching next semester...all while preparing to spend a few days in New York City with my daughter.

Gracious. Where am I gonna get the energy? Music helps...

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