Thursday, September 25, 2008

To Register and Vote or Not -- THAT is the Question

Speaking of the election (and is there any way NOT to?), the opportunity to register to vote will be coming to an end shortly. If you're not registered, you can jump over to Rock the Vote and do so in less time than it takes to read most blog posts. And if you need more information than you have right now, Vote Smart may well have all the answers.

We are in a grave situation in this country -- much graver, I fear, than most of us know. Do our votes mean anything? I'm not convinced they do. But I'm not going to lay down and participate in the dismantling of my world using the excuse of blaming the bad guys. What I do and don't do is still a matter of my choice. Regardless of the outcome.

I'm registered. I'm active. I'll vote. As long as that's an option.

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