Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Two Thumbs Up!

Last year, while I was still in Tampa, I had lunch with a former student of mine and some of her friends. One of them was an African-American woman in her twenties who had gone to school for fashion design, worked hard, and then won an internship to travel with the Ebony Fashion Fair for a while. She was excited (needless to say) that EFF had decided to purchase a couple of her dresses (talk about starting at the top!)

While reading one of my latest Jet Magazines last night, I scanned the names of the designers mentioned in the current show and there it was, among the greats -- Balmain, Biagiotti, Montezin, Missoni, and Elizabeth Carson of Tampa. Two thumbs up for designer Elizabeth Carson, a young woman of color who knew she could. And two thumbs up, as well, for an organization that'll give a young woman of color a shot when she's got it coming.


don carlos said...

who is elizabeth carson of tampa?

best regards,

webmaster of elizabeth carson

Changeseeker said...

don carlos: Elizabeth Carson (Racker) is a 26-year-old fashion designer in Tampa, Florida, who is traveling with the Ebony Fashion Fair and designed the dress in the photo accompanying this post. Obviously, "my" Elizabeth Carson and "your" Elizabeth Carson are not the same person. ;^)