Sunday, May 27, 2007

Ditto, And Mo' Ditto

In the interest of clarifying any ambiguity a reader might have as to my "editorial policies," (yes, ma'am!), I'm linking this morning to The Unapologetic Mexican's very clear expounding on why I can co-exist with lizards in mi casa, but not with cockroaches. And if that makes no sense, you'll want to drop on over and read this post.

Many years ago, when I was living with my two young children in a rundown apartment in a rundown neighborhood, I got tired of fighting the roaches and reached a point where I thought, "Well, WTF? How bad can it get?" A month later, I had learned that I didn't have nearly the tolerance I was going to need to deal with how bad it got. And at that point, it was all out war.

While I hate to have to be heavy-handed, this is my house. Be aware, trolls and other people who wave the First Amendment as they puke Ugly and then want to wipe their mouth on my sleeve on their way out the door. Now that I'm baaa-aaaack, we'll be having none of that. ;^)


The Unapologetic Mexican said...

i, too, have lived with cockroaches. they are some scary housemates!

Professor Zero said...

How they manage to make the first amendment into the right to harass (and take the 'right to bear arms' utterly out of context into a right to shoot, for that matter) amazes me.
It must be the patriarchy. ;-)

Changeseeker said...

Nezua: Yeah. Cockroaches can give a whole new level of meaning to the old saying about give 'em an inch and they'll walk away with the wallpaper...

PZ: Absolutely! The First Amendment (which was supposed to be used to protect us against a run-amok government -- which it has not been able to do, unfortunately) is used to rationalize everything but cockroaches (and I understand that even they've been talking to the ACLU of late).