Sunday, November 05, 2006

It's An Honor And A Privilege...

Now that I'm on a roll, I can't seem to slow down. Yay! And as I revel in my return to the blogosphere, I'd like to present for your continued enjoyment, a triad on privilege:

The Angry Black Woman offers Things You Need To Understand #4.

Kendall Clark's Defining White Privilege on, which is apparently defunct now, is still pertinent, so pertinent.

And bringing the noise for a resounding finish, BlackAmazon nails it (once again) with her Cover the Basics.

God, it's good to be back!


Professor Zero said...

WOW - posting! Cool! And your other, longer post, is very edifying. No matter how long one stays in the biz, and is used to the junk parts of it, it can still get one down. But we got into it to have fun, so it is important to have fun!

betmo said...

we still have much work to do- but this week has given me a bit of hope back too! i really do look at the world differently than i had. when the veil has been lifted- it may not be a pretty place but it is workable. if you know what the problem is- you can work out a way to solve it. or so i hope :)

BBC said...

Fun? It's a lot more fun on my blog. There is to much academic head scratching here. :-)

A diploma doesn't make you smart, life and its lessons do.

mariamaria said...

Excellent references...i will check them out!