Saturday, August 12, 2006

Feeding The Soul

One of the many sources I tap more or less regularly in an attempt to broaden my perspective is This week, they ran an article by William Jelani Cobb entitled "The Devil and Dave Chappelle". It typifies the combination of culture, politics, and analysis that always deepens my understanding of African-American reality. The piece is so righteous, I felt as if I'd been to church. For real.


Peacechick Mary said...

Thanks for the continued education. I've never seen the Dave Chappelle show, but I heard about all the rukus when he left. This article puts a whole new perspective on it.

Clampett said...

Great article.

One part I thought was either incorrect, a projection of the author's insecurities onto Chapelle, or a subversive adhominem aimed at chapelle was the author's insinuation that the allure of fame is the #1 goal of Chapelle.

Some people just love what they do, That part looked funny considering the context created by quoting Pryor's 'fine lines'.

iaintlying said...

As a POC, I found the Devil and Dave Chappelle to quite enlightening. It should me that Dave has more social conscience
and depth of soul, then I originally thought. I'm glad he let the show go and I think he did so for all of the right reasons.

Piscean Princess said...

I've emailed this article to just about everyone I know. I, too felt as though I'd attended a rousing church service!

I think Cobb did a fine job of breaking it down & I really hope that the newer, wider audience is able to receive season 3 (and the other 2, for that matter) as the conflicted puddle of contradictions that it is, instead of an amusing invitation into the minds & lives of black folks.