Sunday, January 17, 2010

New Blog: For Want of a Nail

I've recently become aware of and begun reading a new blog named For Want of a Nail. While it covers a broader spectrum of topics than Why Am I Not Surprised?, a couple of posts in particular of late dealt with issues I'd like to highlight here: first of all, the mean-spirited idiocy of kicking the Haitians while they're down; and second, the racial profiling currently being touted as the so-called "solution" to terrorists blowing up planes. It's always great to welcome a new voice to the blogosphere and, when warranted, pass the word along that it's out there. In this case, it's warranted. So check out For Want of a Nail while you have your morning coffee. It's still in its formative stages, but definitely developing all the earmarks of a space worth regular visits as things in the good old U.S. of A. get weirder by the minute.


Tinsmith Snow said...

Oh my, thank you CS! How nice you and unexpected! I'm sure this will help me get a few more visitors as I build up a following. I definitely owe you one!

Thanks again
Tinsmith aka fwoan

Changeseeker said...

My pleasure, Tinsmith. If you weren't bringing it, I wouldn't have done it. ;^)