Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Youth Doing Life Without Parole

When I was serving as a substance abuse counselor in a maximum security women's penitentiary in Florida, I met two young women who had been sentenced to life in prison as adolescents, one of them at fifteen. One had been part of a car-jacking that went crazy when another girl shot the driver. The other had been on the scene when a much older woman suddenly killed a man in a motel. It was hard to know what to say to them. They felt so abandoned. By society. By life. By God.

Yesterday, I came across the following videos. Pour yourself a cup of coffee. Watch these one after another. And ask yourself: what would I want someone to do if it was me or somebody I loved in this situation?

Statement by the religious community (5-1/2 min.)

Sarah Kruzan, who killed her pimp at 16, 3 years after he turned her out
(6 min.)

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